Aloe & Cucumber

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Don’t you love fun in the sun but don’t like the possible sunburn that comes with it?

Lather up with this naturally moisturizing and soothing  soap. Perfect choice for your tropical getaway without the mess from the gel. Freshly made aloe juice that nourishes the skin helping relieve the feeling of dry skin and sunburn. While the addition of cucumber provides extra added hydration to lock in moisture for skin irritations.

Suitable For

Sunburn prone skin, skin irritations to help soothe dry skin.

How to Use

Wet the soap bar and hands with water. massage the bar on your skin or loofah to start a lather. Once your skin has been cleansed rinse off the soap and gently pat dry skin with a towel.


Saponified oils: olive oil, babassu oil, aqua, aloe vera pulp, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, cucumber pulp, castor oil, essential oils

C'Amore & co Tip 

For a longer lasting soap bar, please leave on a soap dish to dry after each use