Massage Candles

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Tired muscles or in need of a little romance?

This candle is not your ordinary candle!

Sore muscles, joints or just want to have an intimate evening for two. The combination of soy wax, butters and oil allows it to glide on so silky while moisturizing your skin. 

Warm to touch.

Available in 3 scents 

Suitable For

Age 18 & up

How to Use

Light candle and allow to burn for 5-10 minutes or until a pool of melted oil appears. Pour the desired amount into your hand and massage into the skin.


Shea Butter, Soy wax, Avocado oil, Cocoa Butter

C'Amore & co Tip 

Warning: Keep wick trim to 1/4 inch. Blow out candle and cut wick after each use and burn on a safe leveled surface within view. Keep away from children, pets, drafts and vibrations.